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About the company

Novatech Robo is one of the leading robotic company established in the year 2010 with the motto of training student community with advanced technology and latest innovations and among the students of underdeveloped and developing countries on par with industrialized countries understanding the basic steps of Robot Building which comes from hands-on practice.

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Our Mission

The mission of the company is to help every child progress ahead with their dreams and understanding the basic steps of manufacturing which come from hands-on practice. The Novatech Robo and STEaM education program make this easy for all school students from class 2 onwards to get started and become budding Roboteers, Inventors, Makers, and even Entrepreneurs. The Novabot Kit is startup intelligent content for a full STEaM education program Leading to Drone Technology, 3D printing, IoT, Electronics, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Lawrence Technological University

Increase the range and type of widening participation access activities. Provide new pathways into higher education to broaden access, including as national leaders in Advanced Robotics. Improve the use of digital technologies. Innovate in internationalization. Build stronger links with employers and give students the experience of live projects and challenges. Further, embed entrepreneurship and innovation in teaching and learning.

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Our Vision

Mr. I A Khan, CEO

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan master's graduate in science started Novatech Robo for the promotion of Robotic Education, Research, Training, Development, Manufacturing, and Promotion in India. He along with a team of Engineers, Technocrats, and Educators in collaboration with "ROBOFEST" of LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, Michigan USA have developed a course curriculum for training in schools and colleges, particularly STEaM Subjects.

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